100G QSFP28 DR1 Transceiver

Part # : WST-QS28-DR-C

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  • 103.125 Gbit/s Single Rate
  • Supports 53.125Gbaud
  • Up to 500m transmission on single mode
    fiber (SMF) with FEC
  • 4 x 25.78125G channel CAUI-4 Electrical Interface
  • 4 x 26.5625G channel 100GAUI-4 Electrical Interface
  • light source: Single channel 1310 nm EA-DFB LD
  • Receiver: Single channel PIN photo detector
  • Maximum power consumption 4.0W
  • LC duplex connector
  • Operating case temperature: 0°C to 70°C


WST-QS28-DR-C is a 100GbE QSFP+ 28Gbp/s 4X (QSFP28) optical transceiver that enables a dense-port and high-throughput solution with its compact size and low power consumption. The WST-QS28-DR-C modules can be used in various network applications, such as Internet Protocol switches and routers applications. The maximum transmission distance of WST-QS28-DR-C is 500 m. WST-QS28-DR-C is a fully integrated optical transceiver module sending and receiving 100Gbit/s data modulated using 4-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) format that consists of a 1310 nm wavelength EA-DFB LD, a Driver IC, a PIN photo-diode, and clock and data recovery (CDR) ICs with a 4 channel x 25.78125 Gbit/s electrical interface. Mechanical dimensions, connecters and footprint of WST-QS28-DR-C conform to QSFP28 SFF specifications. The module size is 18.4 mm x 72 (122) mm x 8.5 mm and is hot pluggable in Z-direction by 38-pin connector.


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