With the upgrading of network applications, some end users have put forward an urgent need to increase access bandwidth. To that end, XGPON/XGSPON develops rapidly, and its development not only improves the network capacity and performance, but also has good compatibility and flexibility. Therefore, the optical modules are expected to meet the coexisted rate requirements and are less affected by environmental factors, as well as work stably in extreme weather.

With the popularity of online 4K/8K videos, telecommuting and collaboration, and online gaming, end users have expressed an urgent demand for upgrading access bandwidth. Operators need to consider the different needs of users in cost, speed and stability of users in remote areas. At that time, XGPON/XGSPON solution can improve network capacity and performance.


Wavesplitter do well vertical integration from laser chip, TO, BOSA to transceiver module for GPON and XGSPON solutions.



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