About WaveSplitter Technologies

WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative optical networking solutions, serving diverse industries with cutting-edge products since 1996. Specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of optical transceivers, modules, and cables, we are committed to delivering high-performance and reliable solutions for telecommunications, data centers, and enterprise networks.

In addition to our expertise in optical communication, WaveSplitter has expanded into the professional audiovisual (Pro AV) sector, offering advanced solutions for video distribution, signal management, and control systems. Our proficiency in both optical and AV technologies enables us to seamlessly deliver comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


At WaveSplitter, innovation and quality are at the core of everything we do. We continuously invest in research and development to stay ahead of industry trends and pave the way for future advancements in optical and AV technologies. With a customer-centric approach, we strive to exceed expectations and empower businesses with reliable, high-performance solutions for their networking and audiovisual needs.

Company Profile

WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc., a leader in optical networking solutions, offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge products for both optical communication and professional audiovisual (Pro AV) applications. Established in 1996, WaveSplitter has continually innovated to meet the evolving demands of industries worldwide.

With a diverse portfolio of optical transceivers, modules, and cables, WaveSplitter caters to the needs of telecommunications, data centers, and enterprise networks. From SFP to QSFP, WaveSplitter’s products ensure high performance and reliability, facilitating seamless data transmission in modern networks.

In addition to its optical communication solutions, WaveSplitter has expanded its expertise into the Pro AV sector. Collaborating with leading brands in the audiovisual industry, WaveSplitter delivers state-of-the-art solutions for video distribution, signal management, and control systems. From HDMI to DisplayPort, WaveSplitter’s AV products enable immersive multimedia experiences in commercial and residential settings.

Key Milestone
Developing Si-Photonic Technology for Future Products over 800G.
Developing 100G DR1 and 400G DR4 PAM4 Transceiver for DC Applications.
Developing 1310nm HP CW DFB Laser for DC & CPO Applications.
Developing 25G ER and 100G ER4/ER4/ZR4 TRx Products.
Developed 25G LR/BIDI TO / OSA and 100G CWDM4 products for DC Applications.
Developed low-cost CWDM, CWDM4, and LR Transceivers using internal lasers.
Established Taiwan Factory for Laser and Transceiver production.
Developed 1310nm, 25G C&I-Temp DFB Laser for 25G LR and 100G PSM4 Applications
Developed 1310nm, 10G C-Temp DFB Laser / TO / OSA
Headquarter Moved from California to Taiwan
Started Active Fiber Optics Component, Focus on LD, Modules
Passive Fiber Optics Components, Focus on WDM / DWDM WavePump and AWG
Company Founded and Established in San Jose, CA
Global Locations
California, USA
Tokyo, Japan
Shenzhen, China
Taipei, Taiwan

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