400G QSFP-DD SR8 Optical Transceiver Module

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  • Compliance to 200GBASE-SR4 of IEEE 802.3 cd and IEEE P802.3bs standard
  • Compliance to QSFP DD MSA Rev 3.0 (for Memory Map) and 5.0 (for Mechanical QSFP-DD Housing)
  • Supports 400 Gbps data rate links up to 70m/100m via OM3/OM4, respectively.
  • Typical Power Consumption: 10W (each port)
  • Hot pluggable electrical interface
  • Adopt either standard 2 Row by 12-channel or 1 Row by 16-channel MPO connectors inside module
  • 0 to 70°C case temperature operating range
  • RoHS-6 Compliant (lead-free)


  • Ethernet for 200GBASE-SR4
  • For 400 Gb/s Ethernet Application
  • HPC Interconnects
  • Proprietary Interconnections



WaveSplitter’s 400-Gbps QSFP-DD SR8 Optical Transceiver Module (400G QSFP-DD SR8) with Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Double Density (QSFP-DD) form-factor is of high performance in bi-directional signal transmission and aggregate 400Gbps bandwidth, which design to follow QSFP DD MSA and 200GBASE-SR4 of IEEE 802.3cd and IEEE P802.3bs standard.

Compared with the conventional copper-based direct attach cables (DACs), the optical fiber with pluggable MPO connector enables the ease of complicated data center cabling deployment by the longer, lighter, and bendable characteristics. The optical transceiver module utilizes high-performance 850-nm GaAs VCSELs and PIN PDs with superior integration in signal integrity and optical sub-assembly, whose bit-error-rate is better than 2.4 E-4 for reliable packet communication within data center.

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