WaveSplitter Technologies Announces New 40 mW and 70mW High-power CW Laser Diode for Silicon Photonics Applications

FREMONT, CA- June 3, 2021 – WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. today announced our new 45 and 70 mW CW laser diodes designed for use in Silicon Photonics and related applications. These new lasers targeted at High density, high bandwidth networking applications found in High Performance Computing (HPC), warehouse mega data centers, and video distribution centers.

“With the advent of higher levels of integration in silicon photonics and co-packaged optics (CPO) one laser can be used to power up to 40 or 8 data channels. The modulators for each data channel can be implanted in silicon,” said Dr. Sheau Chen, CEO.  “But there is still a need for the high power CW laser diode to be implemented in Indium Phosphide process technology which is not compatible with the CMOS process.  In general, 40mW of power will provide a reach of 500m, but 70mW is needed for 1 km or more of reach.”

Wavesplitter’s new family of high power laser diode products brings lower cost and higher levels of integration to High density silicon photonics and co-packaged optics applications.  The laser diodes are initially in 1301nm wavelengths and can be available in other wavelengths depending on customer need.  The laser diodes are available in bar and die carriers as well as TO and TOSA packages.  The lasers are manufactured in Taiwan and are TAA-compliant.

The new high-power CW lasers are available in October 2021.

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