WaveSplitter Technologies Announces New 10G and 25G EML lasers and 2nd generation 25G Direct Mod lasers for 5G and Data Center Interconnect Applications

FREMONT, CA- June 3, 2021 – WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. today announced our 2nd generation 10G and 25G Direct Modulation Lasers (DML) and our new electro-absorption modulated laser (EML) targeted at High density, high bandwidth networking applications found in High Performance Computing (HPC), warehouse mega data centers, and video distribution centers.

“There exists today quite a variety of vendors for optical transceivers, but only a handful of sources of laser diodes for those transceivers” said Dr. Sheau Chen, CEO.  “This means many transceiver suppliers use the same source for lasers, which is a risk for independent supply sourcing.  Our new line of 10G and 25G 2nd generation DML’s and our new 25G EML’s reduce the cost by 50% over what is available in the marketplace and also give our customers an additional source of supply for their optical supply chain needs.  We are supplying these lasers for both our own internal needs as well as other transceiver customers and competitors in the fiber optics business. We established a separate business unit to make sure our external customers and their details are treated confidentially and independently from our internal transceiver teams.”

Wavesplitter’s new family of laser diode products brings lower cost to 5G and datacom networking equipment such as 10G, 25G, and 100GbEthernet switches and routers.  The laser diodes are available in CWDM and LAN-WDM wavelengths.  The EML lasers will be available in 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths.  All laser diodes are available in bar and die carriers as well as TO and TOSA packages.  The lasers are manufactured in Taiwan and are TAA-compliant.

DFB/DML lasers are available for shipment now; 10G EML is available in October 2021, and 25G EML is available in December 2021. 

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WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of cost-effective active and passive components and transceivers for 5G, data center, access, and metropolitan optical networks. WaveSplitter was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Taiwan with facilities in Fremont, California, Shenzhen, China, and Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit the company’s Web site at http://www.wavesplitter.com.

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