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XMD-EML with cooling TOSA Senior R & D Engineer / PM

Position:XMD-EML with cooling TOSA Senior R & D Engineer / PM
Number:1    Wage:面议, negotiable
Valid Date:2010.02.03-2010.05.03

Location:深圳, ShenZhen(China)
Wage:面议, negotiable
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  • Job Name: XMD-EML with cooling TOSA Senior R & D Engineer (and Project Manager)
  • Requirements:

    Education: Master Degree or Above

    Major: Optoelectronics, optical information, physics or related fields
Work Experience:
1.   More than 3 years experience butterfly light-emitting components or more than 2 years XMD-EML with a cooling TOSA device R & D .
2.   Familiar with the processes of butterfly device packaging a variety.
3.   Experienced in leading more than 2 and 2 R & D projects, with a more extensive project management .

Knowledge and Skills:

1.   Proficient in XMD-EML cooling TOSA optical components and the overall structure of design techniques.
2.   Proficient in XMD-EML TOSA components with high-frequency micro-cooling circuit design and RF simulation technology.
3.   Familiar with XMD-EML the TOSA cooling components with optical, electrical properties and testing technology.
4.   Proficient in XMD-EML TOSA assembly with cooling, light coupling, such as laser welding technology.

How to Apply:
1. Send e-mail with your resume to hr_china@wavesplitter.com