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XFP Optical Transceivers

Features: Applications:
  • Compliant with XFP MSA
  • Data Rate from 9.95 Gbps to 11.1Gbps
  • 1310nm DFB TOSA and PIN ROSA
  • Industry-standard, protocol-independent XFI interface
  • Transmission distance up to 10km
  • LC duplex receptacle package
  • Low power dissipation (Max 2.5W)
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Built in digital diagnostic Functions
  • Operating case temperature range:-5°C~70°C
  • RoHS
  • SONET OC-192 SR-1&SDH STM I-64.1 at 9.953Gbps
  • 10GBASE-LR/LW 10Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1200-SM-LL-L 10Gigabit Fiber Channel
  • 10GE over G.709 at 11.09Gbps
  • OC192 over FEC at 10.709Gbps