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WaveSplitter Technologies Announces Comprehensive Line of SFP Transceivers

WaveSplitter Technologies Announces Comprehensive Line of SFP Transceivers

FREMONT ,CA – September 12th, 2007 — WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc., a worldwide supplier of optical components and modules for advanced optical networks, today announced the availability of it’s comprehensive line of SFP transceivers ranging in data rates from 100Mbps to 2.488Gbps and distances ranging from 550m to 100km. This wide line of SFP transceivers was created to meet today’s demand for utmost quality in information transfer.

“By utilizing our horizontally-integrated business model and the strong working relationships with the most efficient suppliers and partners, we can offer a very broad range of SFP transceivers at cost effective prices,” said Dr. Sheau Chen, CEO. “The establishment of our new office in China (see June 14th Announcement) is an important element of this business model and has allowed us to forge strong working relationships with our key suppliers and partners in China.”

Wavesplitter’s line of SFP transceivers is targeted at network equipment providers who demand the highest performance and highest value. The majority of interest is expected in the pervasive Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet markets for applications including datacenter, head end digital video distribution, inter-campus link and access networks as well as FTTX applications. They are targeted for use in telecom and datacom networking equipment such as switches and routers, load balancers, Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs), NIC cards, and high speed data and video servers.

The table below summarizes the offering in WaveSplitter’s new SFP transceiver line:

Data Rate





Fast Ethernet (125 Mbps)

Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 Gbps)





All transceivers listed in the table above are available now. For more information visit our website at www.wavesplitter.com.

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WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of cost-effective active and passive components and transceivers for data center, access, and metropolitan and long-haul optical networks. WaveSplitter was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at

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