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WaveSplitter Introduces New HDMI Fiber Optic Extender Cable for Long Reach Applications

WaveSplitter Introduces New HDMI Fiber Optic Extender Cable for Long Reach Applications

FREMONT ,CA – June 30th, 2009 — WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc., a worldwide supplier of optical components and modules for advanced optical networks, today announced the availability of it’s HDMI cables reaching up to 300m. This HDMI cable was created to meet today’s advancing technology, accomplishing hi-def video in one single cable, compared to up to eleven cables in the past. WaveSplitter Technologies created Fiber Optic HDMI cables as they ensure the utmost reliability in information processing over a long distance.

“We have been able to leverage WaveSplitter’s expertise in Fiber Optic technology to bring this new product into the hi-definition video market,” said Dr. Sheau Chen, CEO. “With data rates exceeding 10.3 Gbps for 1080P deep color video, fiber optics must be employed to deliver video data over longer distances needed in digital signage, luxury household, commercial, and industrial applications. No video compression techniques are utilized, thus ensuring the highest resolution and truest color rendition possible. Our extender cables are one of the few in the market that are fully HDMI 1.3 compliant. Other HDMI extender products use CAT5 or CAT6 cable use video compression which is not able to deliver full resolution and color rendition.”

“Furthermore, the proposed new HDMI 1.4 standards for 1440P video will require even higher data rates, thus requiring the use of fiber optics for full un-compressed video for shorter distances,” said Dr. Sheau Chen, CEO. “In order to keep costs down, we have been able to utilize standard fiber optic cable to handle the video data and all the TMDS and control/status signals which is a first in our industry. Other methods do not include the control signals required by the HDMI 1.3 standard or utilize expensive custom cabling which includes the combination of fiber optic and copper cables.”

Another important feature is the implementation of an IR repeater function which allows the video source to be controlled remotely, as can be seen by the diagram below.

WaveSplitter’s new fiber optic extender cables are available immediately. Dealer and distributor inquiries are invited.

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