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TOCAN Senior R & D Engineer

Position:TOCAN Senior R & D Engineer
Valid Date:2010.02.03-2010.05.03

Location:深圳, ShenZhen(China)
Wage:面议, negotiable
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  • Job Name: TOCAN Senior R & D Engineer
  • Requirements:

    Education: Master Degree or Above

    Major: Electronic / Semiconductor / Physics / Microelectronics Technology / Optical Communications / Materials Physics, etc.
Work Experience:
1.   TOCAN package with 5 years work experience in order to master more than 10Gbps products, TO-CAN design.
2.   Familiar with TO-CAN products, Packaging Technology

Knowledge and Skills:

1.   Familiar with optical characteristics of semiconductor products.
2.   Well experienced in optical communication LD / PD and other products is equivalent to modeling, simulation and so on.
3.   Well experienced in high-frequency circuit simulation design
4.   Leading design and simulation work to promote the product. for more than 10Gbps products,
5.   Be able to use an optical design software, basic optical design capability.

How to Apply:
1. Send e-mail with your resume to hr_china@wavesplitter.com