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Patch cord

Class: Patch cord Model: Patch cord view specification
2009.3.20_1.34.5_8850 Features:

  • High return Loss, Low Insertion Loss
  • High Reliability and Stability
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • GR 326 Compliant

  • Telecommunication System
  • Testing Equipment
  • Local Area Networks(LAN)
  • Long haul Telecommunications
  • CATV Systems
Class: Patch cord Model: Mode Conditioning Patch cord view specification
2009.3.17_1.43.49_6050 Features:

  • IEEE-802.0(Gigabit Ethernet) Compliant
  • Ruggedized Optical Packaging
  • Eliminate Differential Molde Delay(DMID) Effects
  • Low loss
  • Fits existing Cabling sctrerne

  • Gigabit Ethernet