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Patch cord

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Patch cord

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2. All specification data are accurate on the date of publication for product comparisons and orderi ng information. WaveSplitter T echnologies, Inc., reserves the right to ch ange products and specifications, or to discontinue products without noti ce. All products are trademarks of WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. © 2003 WaveSplitter Te chnologies, Inc. Creating Unique advantages together Ordering Information: For custom configurations or more information on any WaveSpli tter products please contact your sales representative listed on o ur website at www.wavesplitter.com or contact WaveSplitter Tech nologies, Inc. directly on +1 510 651 7800 Ext 225 USA or 8675586285980 China WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. (USA) 46824 Lakeview Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538 Tel: 1-510-651-7800 Ext225 • Fax: 1-510-651-7822 WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. (Taiwan) Tel: 886-2-2782-5780 • Fax: 886-2-2782-5782 WaveSplitter Technologies, Inc. (China) Tel: 86-755-86265980 • Fax: 86-755-86114711 China website: www.wavesplitter.com P Mode Connector 1 Type Type of optical fiber and cable Connector 1 Type Type of tube Length of fiber cable S=Single mode M=Multimode FU=FC/UPC FA=FC/APC SU=SC/UPC SA=SC/APC TU=ST/UPC TA=ST/APC LU=LC/UPC LA=LC/APC XX=Others 1=Single core 2=Duplex x=Others FU=FC/UPC FA=FC/APC SU=SC/UPC SA=SC/APC TU=ST/UPC TA=ST/APC LU=LC/UPC LA=LC/APC XX=Others 1=0.9mm loose tube 2=0.9mm tight tube 3=3mm single core cable 4=2mm loose tube 1=2.5m 2=3m 3=5m 4=10m x=Others

1. Creating Unique advantages together Performance Specifications www.wavesplitter.com Patch cord Features ■ High return loss, low Insertion Loss ■ High reliability and stability ■ Excellent Repeatability ■ Meet Telcordia Standard Applications ■ Telecommunication system ■ Testing Equipment ■ LAN system ■ Long haul Telecommunications ■ CATV Systems DATA FC/ST/SC/MU/LC, Others available upon request UPC APC Insertion loss (Max.) Light source: LED 0.3 0.3 Return loss (Min) Light source: LED 50 60 Changeability Connect randomly 0.2 Vibration 10~58Hz, Amplitude 1.5mm 0.2 Repetition >1000 0.1 High temperature +85ºC, During 100 hours 0.2 Low Temperature -40 ° C, During 100 hours 0.2 Temperature cycle -40~80 ° C, During 5 cycles 0.2 Humidity +25~65ºC, 93% R.H.,100hours 0.2 Environmental (dB) Mechanical (dB) Optical (dB) Parameter Test Condition


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